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Parental involvement This is in complete consonance with the school’s ideology that each child has some innate potential which can and should be nurtured so that he/she can excel in that particular field. The school firmly believes that each participation, whether it leads to victory or defeat, is a learning experience. It surely adds to the child’s determination to be successful in whatever he/she chooses to pursue. So, a multitude of intra/inter-school activities are encouraged to add to the child’s learning experiences.


The school activity calendar is a judiciously planned mix of literary, cultural and sports events.

At the preprimary level Mass Participation is Encouraged. The tiny tots are encouraged to participate in various cultural and sporting events, without the pressure of winning and losing.

Inter-class and inter-house competitions commence from class 2 onwards. For class 2 and class 3, the competitions are held at the class level so that the young students experience the competitive spirit at a smaller level in their own respective classes. Inter house competitions become more prominent from class IV onwards.

These competition result finally add up to determine the position of each House at the end of each academic year, every session




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